Hey Friends and Family!

I leave for outreach in less than a week! So crazy.

DTS has taken on a whirlwind of falling more in love with Jesus everyday. I can't wait for the adventures ahead, but I can't help reminiscing about just how much fun this season has been. Yes, has there been a lot of stretching, hardship, and learning self sacrificing. A lot of it. Yet ultimately, God has just brought so much joy and fun out of this season I can't help but be so so thankful for my time here.

One of my favorite parts of my time here has working with Homes of Hope. It's a ministry that we have here on base, that builds houses for families that are in need of a house in impoverished areas. I've had the blessing to work to with two sides of the ministry. Being a part of a build and following up with the families who have already received their homes. These families have such amazing hope, joy, and generosity. They impact me and Inspire me every time I go and see them. 

I wish I had time to type every single one of their stories, but honestly I should be packing right now... But when you see me in person I'd love to tell you them all. In the meantime I'm going to share with you the photos and my hope is that you can see all the joy, hope, and light shine through their stories.

{Just click on the photos to see more} 

As I'm starting a new season of walking out into the unknown. I can see God's faithfulness and grace so prevalent to meet me where I'm at. I'm so excited to walk this journey with God and for Him to just blow me away with how incredible He is and how he will move in us and the people we work with.

Monday is the official day my team and I leave, will be in TJ for two weeks and then head off for Brazil. We would love it you guys would be willing to partner with us and pray for us as we walk out in faith! So here are some key prayer points for our team:

- Protection and safety for our time in TJ and Brazil.

                                    - Prayers for travel + Safety (some of our team is having to travel separately and we want all of us to arrive safely and on time).

- Prayers for health and protection against sickness.

                     -Prayers for open hearts and minds for the people we work with.

                                     - Prayers that we will continually surrender to Jesus in this time to his will, and not our own.


Thank You to everyone who has supported me in this time, I can't wait for this Jesus adventure!

I probably wont be posting much on social media or on my blog during this time, but i'll probably post occasionally so you guys know I'm alive ;)