Something I'm consistently amazed of is how often I need to be reminded of how relational God  is. So, it's no surprise that I was surprised that it's been something God was/has been speaking to me during my time a DTS.

I've grown up in church so you would think I would have a better grip on this concept, but as I'm often reminded I never. I honestly think this will be one of those things that God will having to keep reminding and growing me in for the rest of my life.

Specifically what God has been showing me during my time here at DTS, is how much God cares about my creative process. He wants to co-create with me.

He actually wants to be apart of what I create. That honestly still blows my mind. God, the Creator of the universe wants to work with me? Yeah, he does. He does, because he cares about me.

Before DTS I had a grasp on this concept, but my perspective and answer wouldn't be the same. Actually, to be completely honest my thoughts almost would been performance based instead of relationship based.  Since God gave me this gift, I need to glorify Him with it.  Instead of How can I work with Him to give Him the most glory.

The thing that I'm learning though, is that God cares about the details. He cares about all the little details. I mean if you even just look some of the old testament books concerning The Law [Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy] you can see how much he cares about the details. In fact there are so many details that often times our eyes want to glaze over when we are reading them.

He cares about us, and he wants to walk beside us in our life. He doesn't just want me to glorify him, He wants me to make him part of the process too, because He cares.

He doesn't want this to be to be a one sided relationship. He cares and loves us more deeply than we can imagine.

So what part of your life you can let God walk along side you in?  

Like I said earlier for me it has been my creative process, and I can already see the fruits in that. So I encourage you to do so as well.                                                                                                                         

Hey Friends, Thanks for reading my blog! It was short this week, but also something close to my heart that I've been learning! Please feel free to leave comments about what you thought. See you next time.

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