The Pierces - Anniversary Session


Hey everyone,

If you haven't noticed I have been a bit MIA lately on blogging. Well, I haven't even really blogged at all this year. It's been since February... Oops!

Honestly, I could give you an excuse it's because I'm updating my website right now (Which is true, hopefully it will be done soon). Truthfully though it's just because I'm terrible about remembering or taking time to blog. Starting from now on, I'm going to try better (Even though that's what I keep saying....). So I need you guys to help keep me accountable! If you haven't seen a post in awhile, ask me why! My butt needs a little kicking for me to be consistent on this ;)

So, enough about me. Here are Nolan and Anna Pierce. In May they had their first Anniversary! I was blessed to be able to capture these special moments for them. We had a blast at their session and their dance moves can compare to no one else! You have to go all the way end to see how amazing they are ;)

Enjoy their cuteness!