This couple. They are amazing. I can't believe they are engaged. I think I can stop my blog post there, but I like to write so I think I will keep going ;) So if you take a quick glimpse at the photographs and you will see they are madly in love. However what you won't see is that they have been separated for 6 months, because Travis has been in Texas training for the Air Force.  Well actually the last time they saw each other was when travis came home over the weekend in July to propose to Ellie. This weekend (labor day weekend) was the first time they were able to see each other in person since the proposal and the last time they will be able to see each other till the wedding.  These two are such a strong couple and having to rely on the Lord instead of each other you can see has strengthened their relationship for the better! I love these two much, I am so thankful to call them friends. I can't wait to see where God takes them!