Here is a photoshoot that my friend Kelsey and I recently shot. It was so much fun to work with Kelsey on this vintage shoot! I have been wanting to do a vintage shoot forever and finally got to achieve that with her. The thing about my friend Kelsey is, she knows how to be herself. She knows her style. With her amazing bright blue and purple hair and her love for vintage clothing, you can tell she isn't afraid to be herself. That is one of the things that spoke to me since the day I met her. She always inspires me to not be afraid to express myself! So I guess what I am getting to is that don't ever be afraid to be yourself (I know it's hard). Be beYOUtiful!


Also I normally edit my images bold and bright, but since it was a vintage shoot I had to add some vintage or Matte editing in, I put the some of the same images in with a vintage and non vintage edit to show the difference :)